Rico Garcia ~ Drums

Rico became first interested in drums when he was inspired by his cousin Paul Vasquez air drumming the signature Alex Van Halen drum roll on "Jamie's Cryin'". Thus began his quest and he aquired his first drum kit shortly after. His first band quickly follwed. He also participated in his Jr. High School concert and jazz band. Rico is completely self taught, having beginning influences such as John Bonham, Alex Van Halen and Neil Peart. He then advanced to the likes of Pantera, Slayer, Dream Theater and The Mars Volta. Rico worked hard, practicing tirelessly and eventually earned the privelage to share the stage with many of Houston's premier musical artists and entertaining bands.  He ultimately recieved the offer to join Superna, having to occupy the position previously held by some very talented and accomplished drummers. These were big shoes to fill. but Rico took full advantage and worked closely with Nick Midulla to refine his playing style, as NIck identified and focused on Rico strengths...exploiting these to enhance Superna's music.  As the drumming force behind Superna, Rico found himself exactly where he had always wanted to be. This collaboration continued successfully as the band flourished and migrated to the west coast, and Rico has remained a contributing member of the band, even surviving the extreme hybernation. He also sometimes drives the bus.